Welcome to the fifth and final issue of Darker Matter – the high quality online science fiction magazine so many worlds have been waiting for.

This month we have five outstanding new science fiction stories by Sue Lange, Hank Quense, Jerry Oltion, Jason Stoddard and William D. McIntosh. We also have a set of book reviews and a fascinating article on generation spaceships and how they might take us to other worlds by I. E. Lester.

It's all there, it's all free and it's all new. Let Darker Matter push your horizons a little further out.

Please Note: Darker Matter closed its doors in 2007, and is no longer accepting story submissions.
You can still read all five issues, published in 2007, here.

Table of Contents
Darker Matter Issue Five Editorial Book reviews by I. E. Lester
Peroxide Head by Sue Lange Sponsored by... by Hank Quense
Starlings by Jerry Oltion True History by Jason Stoddard
Young Love, on the Drowned Side of the City by William D. McIntosh Generation Spaceships by I. E. Lester

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