Welcome to the third issue of Darker Matter – the high quality online science fiction magazine so many worlds have been waiting for.

This month we have a fantastic range of stories, as well as the third part of our exclusive interview from 1979 with Douglas Adams, and a fasincating article that explores possible forms alien life might take.

It's all there, it's all free and it's all new. Let Darker Matter push your horizons a little further out.

Table of Contents
Darker Matter Issue Three Editorial by Ben Coppin Part 3 of Interview with Douglas Adams by Ian Shircore
The Connection by Bud Sparhawk and Ramona Wheeler The End of the Universe by Eugie Foster
Raft by Larry Tritten Severance Pay by Shane Nelson
Zinzi-zinzi-zinzic by Robert Jeschonek Article on Life on Other Planets by I. E. Lester

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